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Grambling, Louisiana/Houston, Texas native Earl “DeeSmuve DeeMaestro” Simpson is determined to grab the ears of the world with his narrative storytelling and infectious Hip-Hop Soul tunes. For the past 25 years, the musical genius has been involved in the performing arts beginning at the age of 7 playing several instruments with the Grambling High School’s marching band under the direction of his father Arthur Earl Simpson. Consequently, he attended Grambling State University on a full band scholarship where he not only performed with the World Famed Marching Band during highly anticipated half-time shows, but he also appeared in the hit Box office film Drumline, a Fox Network Commercial, a State of Louisiana visitor’s commercial, a college band series on Wheel of Fortune, and a momentous performance at President George W. Bush’s Inauguration.

During his matriculation at GSU, he performed at several talent shows and festivals hosted by the university and also opened for Grammy and BET award winning artist Trey Songs, 90’s R&B group Profyle, Hip Hop Soul artist Nivea.  If you are ever in the Grambling, Louisiana and surrounding area, you will still hear his classic jazz tunes in the air waves on the campus radio station KGRAM 91.5.

Heavily influenced by music legends like Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and many more, the Maestro’s music is classy, mature and diverse. His instruments of choice are Jazz trumpet and percussion, but you will hear an orchestration of all types of instruments in his music production.   His singing voice is very eccentric and soulful, not to mention the lyrical dexterity revealed in his rhymes. |He has been called the Eddie Kendricks or Curtis Mayfield of Hip-Hop.|  DeeSmuve DeeMaestro calls his genre Hip Hop SoulUtions.  Hip-Hop SoulUtions was devised with an effort to relate to normal people with normal lives and issues providing them with musical therapy for life’s everyday occurrences.

 “The journey isn’t easy, but who respects a man who thrives on the easy way out? “I have to remain authentic; I refuse to be what they want me to be. This life chose me, I’d be crazy not to recognize and appreciate a blessing from God. With that stated, no one can tell me that I’m not greatness, The Greatest made me this way!” 


DeeSmuve has released the first single from his forthcoming mixtape “Home”.  After being on a three-year hiatus, the ambidextrous musician feels that now is the time to rise from the shadows. He re-emerges by  paying tribute to the rich heritage that he assumed from his hometown,  Grambling, Louisiana.

The mixtape will be a memoir of his life and interests. Home is scheduled to be released this summer. Tour dates will be announced soon!